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    Rf online beginners guide >> [ Download ]

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    27 Aug 2012 RF Online at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies.
    5 Dec 2016
    10 Aug 2009 Here are the warrior leveling guides for our RF Online new players, very useful for your reference, have a look! Do the first beginner’s quest!
    3 Mar 2008 For RF Online on the PC, Beginner Guide by Komania.
    15 Mar 2010 Plus, with its 110000 HP( RF online gold ), Bellato specialist can even When you finish beginner tutorial in RF, you’ll receive a weapon bow25 May 2006 newbie guide Hi there! So you’ve decided to play RF Online? Well, welcome. The game itself was first released on the Asian side of the
    It seems it is my pleasure to do the first RF online guide, and im going to try and keep this one short so that anyone who just hopped in the beta
    Basics Target Left-click on the monster or character you want to attack. Their status bar will appear on top of your screen. Attack Once you’ve ta Tue, Mar 8
    PTs (points) are your stats in RF Online. There is no agility, dexterity, vitality, strength, or any of that stuff you’ve dealt with in other MMOs. Instead you get Melee,
    24 Jan 2009 Since there are tons of Questions about RF these days, i devided to make a little guide for ya guys. Which Server you guys play on? 99% of us

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