How has technology modernized education?

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    Katie Bell

    Have you ever wondered what changes have crawled under our pillows while we slept unaware of them? Well, it’s the time to think! Welcome to the age of technology where you order food via an online application, grab a cab via uber, and take degrees from universities abroad while not traveling to them.
    How is all this possible? With Technology, it is!

    Technology has tremendously modernized our lives and transformed our way of living. One sphere that bears the highest rate of techno-development is the educational sphere. The educational sector went through incredible changes and advancements globally. However, a layman of today still thinks that the student of 2019 still attend classes and sits on a wooden desk but doesn’t feel the importance to uncover the hidden layers.

    This post will tell you how education has been modernized globally by technology advancements and what benefits, we, as a student, are attaining from it. Have a look!

    Say no to language barriers
    Gone has the time when teachers used to teach students in their native languages, and languages like Spanish and French seemed extraterrestrial for native English speakers.

    Now, we have a handful of tools that can help us translate different languages into our native one. Not only this but now, we also have tools to learn different languages at total ease. You even don’t need to hassle to commute to the coaching class; you now have everything at home via the internet.

    Interactive methods and supplies
    Studying is nothing boring and monotonous anymore. Instead, technology has improved it and pushed up its level to gamification. Now, the world has games and applications that have made studying fun for elementary and middle school goers. This was done to treat the most common complaint of the majority that students lack interest in subjects like math, science, history, geography and, are inclined more towards arts and English. Hence, keeping this in view, the technology worked within the gaming sphere and came up with apps to make learning fun. For instance, such applications made math problems as fun as counting an octopus’s legs.

    There are multiple online and offline tools for all types of students to help them have a stronger grip on basic math and science concepts.

    Abundance of teachers
    Today, it is not necessary to attend stereotype classrooms to learn something. Now, you have everything everywhere. Must be thinking, what does that even mean? Now, the world has an abundance of online classes that are free of cost or taking Best Coursework Help UK. That means anyone can anytime conduct them and learn whatever is required. There are teachers available online at the moment to guide every next knowledge seeker. Moreover, general topics have saved video tutorials to guide the masses.

    We now have platforms like Khan Academy, udacity, udemy, and many others that have b
    Bashed old “note-taking” |time for modern learning

    In earlier days, teaching was done on strict guidelines where only the teacher asked questions and ended up giving the right solution, while the rest of the class continued with note-taking/ board-copying only. Now, phenomena and patterns have been changed. We are living in the world of modern education.
    As the term modern education implies, it can be characterized by discussions and analysis. For instance, the classroom of today doesn’t only allow the teacher to ask questions, but it also gives equal rights to students to raise their hands in response. However, as far as the solutions are concerned, the education pattern of today has three phases.

    Firstly, a student is deemed to find the answer himself just for the sake of revoking the ability to think.

    Secondly, he is told the right answer from the teacher.

    Thirdly, he is left free to compare the opposites and evaluate the credibility and factual reasoning of the right answer. This is often followed by a one-on-one question/answer session to give him a better understanding of the scenario at hand.

    Plethora of research
    The internet has blessed us with a plethora of knowledge on every topic of the world. It has backed up the educational sector incredibly. Aiding both teachers and students, the internet is one of those saints whose mere existence is indispensable for life. Now, a student has an opportunity to scroll over any topic from photosynthesis to heart surgeries.

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    Chris Greenwalt

    This is really interesting and the true thing is that, technology has revolutionized education. Even number of students can easily take help from dissertation writing services UK while staying their homes.

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