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    12 Jan 2017
    Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game is a grand strategy wargame that is based on Paradox Interactive’s Europa engine. It allows the player to take control of and
    Just got darkest hour and I don’t what to do. This short advice will focus around the general basics of Germany in all possible scenarios.
    5 Feb 2015 Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game > General Discussions > Topic I was playing as the U.S. in the 1933 scenario, and I saw Germany
    13 Feb 2013 I am playing Darkest Hour every now and then, dibble dabble, and i found some .. been having nice runs in Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron game recently. .. fired away, followed by me practically spamming the manual one.
    21 May 2011 It has been a pleasure to see that Darkest Hour has made it more of a Sign-up Hearts of Iron III Collection Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour
    4 Jul 2016
    This is a very new Wiki for the Hearts of Iron game Darkest Hour. The game is a strategy wargame at heart, and while there is little to stop a player the player of Germany to choose between the historical Nazi government and an ahistorical
    28 Feb 2015 Hearts of Iron is the one Paradox grand strategy series that I’ve been unable to befriend. The game begins as Germany is preparing to remilitarize the . Or, better yet, Darkest Hour, the better improved incarnation of HoI2German strategy by Death and Glory with the French occupying large parts of <country-region><place>Germany</place></country-region> until the spring!

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