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    Entrelac step-by-step photo tutorial for beginners. Written by Urszula Szwabowicz. Entrelac isn’t as difficult as it’s described on the Net – it just sounds difficult,
    22 Dec 2011 Learn to Knit Entrelac – VeryPink offers knitting patterns and video tutorials from Staci Perry. Short technique videos and longer pattern tutorials
    Use this free knitting pattern to help yourself master the entrelac stitch. This Easy Entrelac Scarf Tutorial will show you, step by step, how to create a beautifulWork a left-side triangle. Row 1 (RS): Pick up and knit 5 sts along rem edge of last triangle. Row 2: P2tog, purl to end of sts you just picked up, turn. Row 3: Knit across, turn. Rep rows 2–3 until 2 sts rem. P2tog, but do not turn. Break yarn, fasten off last st, and tie in a new color.
    21 Dec 2011
    30 Jun 2012
    16 Sep 2015 Let your colors show with entrelac crochet! Learn how to stitch this trendy pattern in varying colors for bright, textured projects.
    3 Aug 2010
    More specifically, the rest of what you’ll do for the project shown in this tutorial is: Knit 4 and turn, purl 3 and slip 1. Knit 5 and turn, purl 4, slip 1. Knit 6, turn, purl 5, slip 1. Knit 7, turn, purl 6, slip 1. Knit 8. Do not turn. The first triangle is complete.
    17 Jan 2011

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