How to fix the issue of Dell laptop not starting?

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    How to fix the issue of Dell laptop not starting?
    Dell laptop not starting issue can be quite common in the scenarios when you haven’t powered on the device for the past many days or if it was put in the sleep mode for a long time. To resolve this matter, you can execute the necessary troubleshooting steps. And if the issue persists, then feel free to have a word with the techies at Dell support number
    • If the laptop is not charged for a long time, then plug the battery and leave it at least for an hour. Now start the computer. If the problem persists, then move to the next option
    • Remove the detachable battery. Do this after disconnecting the power cord. Wait for a few minutes, insert the battery back and then try starting
    • Now hold the power button for 15-20 seconds to drain the residual battery dell tech support. This will surely resolve the concern.
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