4th Impact announce MORE exciting news! Dubai?

4th Impact

Last night, former X Factor finalists 4th Impact shared some exciting news with their followers on Twitter by retweeting a post from Connect Events about a forthcoming gig in Dubai…

Well of course, it would be entirely reasonable that they would want to head home, given they haven’t been in the Philippines since they jetted over here to Britain to audition for X Factor in the early part of last year, but selfish though it may be, we can’t help but hope they make the UK their permanent base…


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2 thoughts on “4th Impact announce MORE exciting news! Dubai?

  1. These concerts mean nothing!!! They should really think about their future career. I’m thinking this is what they want, earn as much as they can, and if people stop being interested in them, it would be enough for them to just earn a temporary fame. I thought they wanted their own album, if they did why aren’t they doing everything to get signed. Gigs are just gigs. They will soon fade, the’re not as hot nowadays as they were when they at the X Factor shows.

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